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Snapchat Unveils 'Phantom House' Feature in Celebration of Halloween

Snapchat is embracing the Halloween spirit with "Phantom House," an immersive video series. Dive in for ghostly adventures and brand engagements!

Snapchat's Phantom House

As Halloween whispers grow louder, Snapchat is all set to add its own eerie echoes with the launch of "Phantom House," a gripping interactive Halloween video series. While the preview leaves much to the imagination, we know that this weekly event promises a blend of suspense and user participation.

Snapchat's official word paints an intriguing picture. Snap creators like Tony Talks, Sofie Dossi, and Ezee will spearhead the series, navigating chilling challenges in a bid to flee the Phantom House. Snap users won't be mere spectators. They'll plunge into the story, aid creators in uncovering clues, solve mystifying puzzles, and even share their experiences using augmented reality (AR) Lenses and AI-driven Dreams selfies inspired by the ominous abode.

And there's a twist for brands too. Snapchat reveals that businesses can weave themselves into the "Phantom House" narrative, offering interactive AR experiences, showcasing commercials within the series, and partnering for off-platform marketing. Brands like Maybelline and Disney+ are already poised to make their spectral splash at Advertising Week New York.

Indeed, on October 16th, Snapchat promises a tangible haunting. Attendees at Advertising Week can expect to be lured into a real-world "Phantom House" experience. With 80% of Snapchat users geared up to engage with the platform this Halloween, themed promotions seem ripe for the picking.

The success of "Phantom House" hinges on user engagement. If Snap's creative tools and interactivity resonate, brands might just witness a ghoulishly effective marketing avenue.

The suspense begins to unravel with the first episode airing on October 8th. Ensure your candles are lit, and follow this link to plunge into the "Phantom House."