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Snapchat's My AI Mistakenly Posts to Stories; Snap Cites Glitch as Cause

Snapchat's My AI pulls a surprise, posting to Stories! Glitch or a peek into the future? Dive into the AI's mysterious moment.

Snapchat’s My AI

Ever witnessed an AI's "wild" side? Snapchat users got a taste when My AI, the app's in-built chatbot, seemingly took the reins and posted its own Story! And when users tried to get answers? Crickets.

"Is this how AI overlords begin? My AI isn't talking!" exclaimed a user. Others speculated it's the start of an AI movie they'd rather not watch. And some got that eerie feeling when the posted image resembled their room's ceiling. Goosebumps, anyone?

Before you envision a sci-fi thriller, Snap's on it! It was... drum roll... just a technical glitch. The quirky chatbot isn't sneaking snaps of your space. Phew! But could this faux pas hint at future My AI features, like self-posting to Stories? "Nope, not at the moment," says Snap, though the ambiguity remains!

Ever since its debut, My AI's been quite the talk of the digital town. From earning thumbs-downs for being too "sticky" atop chat feeds to raising eyebrows over safety, it’s been a bumpy ride. Some users enjoy trolling the bot for fun; others find its "personality" a tad unsettling.

For now, My AI's back in action. Whether it's another day in the digital jungle or a hint of wilder times ahead, only time will tell. Stay tuned, Snapchatters!