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SOKO Announces Leadership Changes and Co-CEO, Amplifying Its Vision of Earned Media

São Paulo-based agency SOKO unveils its innovative leadership structure with a new co-CEO, aiming to further their vision of earned media through diversity and culture.

SOKO, a São Paulo-based creative communications agency, has recently revealed a refreshed leadership structure to strengthen its market position. The firm, celebrated for its emphasis on creativity, inclusivity, and culture, has adopted this change to fortify its "earned before paid" philosophy, a strategy that champions organic storytelling through a culture of diversity.

Felipe Simi, the founder and CEO, welcomes Brisa Vicente as co-CEO, who transitions from her role as COO. Stepping into Vicente's previous position as COO is Felipe Belinky. In addition, Ana Cortat, the former Head of Data and Strategy, takes on the mantle of Vice President of Brand Strategy and Connections, thereby integrating Strategy, Data, Broadcasting, and Paid Media. The agency also elevates Gabriela Rodrigues, the former Head of Culture and Impact, to the position of Vice President of Impact. Rodrigues is entrusted with the task of evolving the agency's social impact projects into a separate business unit.

The new leadership team at SOKO agency, ready to steer their vision of earned media.
The new leadership team at SOKO agency, ready to steer their vision of earned media.

Vicente, as the co-CEO, will apply her business-centric strategic vision to lead the agency into the future, upholding its excellence and corporate values. Simultaneously, Belinky, as the new COO, will utilize his expertise in service and operations to improve internal processes and enhance the agency's efficiency.

In her revamped role as VP of Impact, Rodrigues will establish a new business unit for collaborations with corporations that resonate with the agency's values and seek to make a meaningful impact in society. Her role signifies the importance of creating profound brand influence in an era where audiences seek culturally and socially relevant messages.

Ana Cortat, with her extensive experience in strategic planning and data, will steer Strategy and Connections. She will identify innovative ways to augment the agency's campaigns and projects, aligning the message with the best amplification channel to maintain the agency's vision of earned media.

SOKO's new leadership structure embodies its commitment to delivering innovative communication solutions that meet current needs and surpass client expectations. With its renewed leadership team, the agency is poised to make an impactful difference in the communications market.