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Spotify Enhances Group Session with Shared Volume Control Feature

Spotify introduces shared volume control to its group listening feature, Group Session, allowing users to adjust the volume when sharing a compatible speaker with the host.

Spotify's Group Session Gets New Shared Volume Control.

Spotify continues to enhance its user experience with the introduction of shared volume control for its Group Session feature. The Premium-only Group Session feature, launched in 2020, allows multiple users to control music in real-time and add songs to a collaborative playlist.

With the new shared volume control, users can adjust the volume of a song if they're sharing a compatible speaker with the host. However, if there are four or more users in one group session, volume control is automatically disabled, keeping the host in control of larger listening sessions.


The shared volume control feature is gradually rolling out to Android and iOS devices globally. Compatible devices include Chromecast, Amazon Cast, and most WiFi-enabled speakers, such as Sonos and Bose. The feature, however, is not supported on Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth devices. The update can only be used for in-person listening.