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Spotify Experiments with Making Lyrics Accessible Only to Premium Users

Say goodbye to free lyrics on Spotify! The streaming giant tests putting its in-app lyrics behind a Premium paywall. Discover how this could reshape your Spotify experience.

Spotify app interface displaying "Enjoy lyrics on Spotify Premium" notification.

If you're a Spotify user who loves singing along to your favorite hits, we've got some eye-opening news for you. It appears that Spotify is experimenting with pushing its in-app lyrics into the Premium arena! Yup, gone are the days when lyrics would freely appear under your currently playing song. Now, you're greeted with a prompt that says, "Enjoy lyrics on Spotify Premium," nudging you to upgrade your plan.

"While we do run numerous tests, not all become part of our broader user experience," says CJ Stanley, Spotify’s co-head of global communications. So, there's still a sliver of hope that the lyrics may retreat from behind the Premium curtain. However, Spotify's keen interest in funneling users towards its paid tier cannot be ignored.

After investing billions into podcasts and audiobooks, only to find lukewarm results, Spotify seems to be shifting gears. Forget exclusive content; it looks like functional features are the new gold. Given the steadily climbing price of Spotify Premium, this move underscores the platform's relentless pursuit of paid subscribers.

Let's not forget Spotify's best-kept secret: DJ, the AI tool that offers a unique radio experience, exclusive to Premium users. Plus, as the platform ventures into more video content and aims to become the "TikTok for audio," brace yourself for more features accessible only to those who part with their cash.

Don't miss a beat; this could be just the beginning of how Spotify intends to redefine our music-streaming experience, one Premium feature at a time!