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Spotify Introduces "Daylist" - A Playlist That Evolves With You

Meet Spotify's latest innovation, "daylist," a personalized playlist that adapts to your moods and activities throughout the day. Available for both free and premium users in English-speaking countries.

Spotify's New "Daylist" Playlist

In its ongoing endeavor to personalize your music experience, Spotify has rolled out "daylist," a dynamic playlist that updates multiple times a day based on your listening habits.

Daylist is an evolving playlist that lives alongside Spotify's existing personalized playlists like Discovery Weekly and On Repeat. It updates throughout the day with new tracks and titles reflecting your engagement with the platform. It's designed for "every version of you," as Spotify puts it.

Daylist relies on Spotify’s understanding of music metadata and your history with the app. If you frequently listen to uplifting music in the morning, expect titles like “bedroom pop banger early morning” in your daylist. The playlist also incorporates "niche music and microgenres" you typically stream.

The playlist comes with dynamic graphics that change based on the time of day, from a morning sunshine shade to a darker tone for late-night listening.

The daylist playlist includes a built-in social sharing feature that provides a ready-made screenshot, personalized sticker, or customizable sharecard for easy sharing.

Daylist is launching initially for free and premium users in English-speaking countries, including the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. A broader rollout is expected in the coming months.

Daylist adds a new layer to Spotify’s commitment to personalized music experiences, offering a playlist that not only suits your mood but evolves with you as the day goes on. You can access your daylist by searching on Spotify or going to