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Spotify Unveils Revamped Artist Profiles: A Gateway to Music, Merch, Events & More!

Spotify’s redesigned artist profiles offer more than just music. Dive into Stories, discover events, and shop exclusive artist merchandise!

Spotify's new artist profile showcasing music, stories, and more.

Spotify is reshaping the way fans engage with their favorite artists. Introducing the revamped artist profile pages - a nexus of Music, Events, and Merch, carefully curated to amplify your Spotify journey.

What’s New in the Music Tab?

  • Clips: Dive into short-form videos (akin to Stories) letting artists narrate their own tales.
  • Crowdsource Funds: Support artists via links from multiple platforms like Cash App,, and more.
  • Highlight Reels: Artists can flaunt their hits, special playlists, and even an Artist Pick—a favorite track, podcast, or announcement refreshed every six months.

While Clips offer a sneak peek into artists' minds, it's worth noting this feature is still in beta. Moreover, artists can integrate bios, Linktree-esque links to other platforms, and even get discovered via Spotify's “Fans Also Like” feature.

Want to Attend a Concert? Events Tab is Your Go-To!
Never miss a beat (or concert)! Purchase tickets, express interest, and stay updated about upcoming events near you, thanks to Spotify's extensive partnership with ticket giants like Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, and many more.

Merch Tab: Flaunt Your Fandom!
Artists can showcase a dozen merch items, with recent additions appearing first. This is powered by Spotify's collaboration with Shopify, which began in 2021. With a dedicated Merch tab, Spotify observed a 22% surge in purchases.

This monumental redesign follows Spotify’s Stream On event announcements, where it released innovative marketing tools and a TikTok-inspired video-centric Home feed. More merch and event promotions are on the horizon throughout the app, ensuring fans are always in the loop.

Starting today, get set to explore this magnificent transformation, exclusively on Spotify's mobile app!