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Spotify Verifies Testing of Prompt-Based AI Playlists Feature

Spot the future of playlisting! Spotify teases AI-driven playlist creation, testing user-triggered prompts for tailored music mixes. A sneak peek into evolving music curation.

Spotify Tests 'AI Playlists' Feature: Revolutionizing Playlist Creation?

Spotify's upcoming 'AI Playlists' feature, recently glimpsed in action, is set to transform how playlists are curated on the streaming giant. The company has confirmed this test marking a potential paradigm shift in playlist creation through AI technology.

User showcased this development in a TikTok video, introducing Spotify's ChatGPT-like AI feature. Accessible via the "Your Library" tab, the AI playlists feature resides under the plus (+) button, adjacent to existing options like "Playlist" and "Blend."

The feature's description invites users to "Turn your ideas into playlists using AI," highlighting its English-language exclusivity for now. Upon selection, users encounter an interface where they can either prompt the AI via chat or browse a selection of suggested prompts. These prompts vary from "focus at work with instrumental electronica" to "explore niche genres like Witch House."

In the demonstrated scenario, the user opted for "Witch House," triggering the AI to process the request and generate a sample playlist. Users can refine the playlist further by swiping left to remove undesired songs.

Previously hinted at by tech veteran Chris Messina in October, the AI playlists feature aims to generate playlists based on user prompts. Spotify remained tight-lipped about its plans back then, declining to confirm the feature's existence.

The company's current stance continues to temper expectations, describing the test as part of their exploration. A Spotify spokesperson emphasized the trial's nature, explaining how some tests shape future experiences while others serve as learning opportunities.

While Spotify refrains from confirming a launch timeline for AI playlists, the streaming service has heavily invested in AI advancements. Earlier this year, it introduced an AI DJ offering personalized playlists and commentary in an AI-based voice. The company's dedication to AI extends to various areas, including generative voice, personalization, and potential uses in podcast summarization, ad creation, and music production.

CEO Daniel Ek has hinted at AI's multifaceted role, envisioning artists utilizing AI tools in song creation and exploring AI-powered features for podcast ads and personalization technologies. With AI gradually permeating Spotify's diverse functionalities, the arrival of AI-powered playlist creation could mark another milestone in their innovation journey.