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Stability AI Unveils Stable Doodle: New Sketch-to-Image Tool

Stability AI introduces Stable Doodle, a service that transforms sketches into images. This new tool leverages Stable Diffusion model to generate artistic renditions of sketches.

Stable Doodle by Stability AI: a new AI-powered sketch-to-image tool.

Stability AI, the startup behind the image-generating model Stable Diffusion, is introducing a new service called Stable Doodle that converts sketches into images. This tool uses the latest Stable Diffusion model to generate artistic renditions of sketches. Stable Doodle is available on the ClipDrop platform, which Stability AI acquired in March.

Stable Doodle is designed for both professionals and novices, offering a user-friendly experience regardless of one's familiarity with AI tools. This tool provides precise control over image generation, setting it apart from similar services on the market.

Stability AI's Stable Doodle Transforms Sketches into Images

Stable Doodle operates using the Stable Diffusion XL model and a "conditional control solution" called T2I-Adapter, developed by Tencent’s Applied Research Center. This control solution allows the model to accept sketches as inputs and guide it for better fine-tuning of the output artwork.

Stable Doodle also accepts prompts to guide the image generation process, like "A comfy chair, ‘isometric’ style" or "Cat with a jeans jacket, ‘digital art’ style." It currently supports 14 styles of art at launch. The quality of output images is dependent on the detail of the initial drawing, the descriptiveness of the prompt, and the complexity of the scene being depicted.

While primarily envisioned as a tool for designers and illustrators, Stability AI plans to broaden its application to other verticals, including real estate. Despite being free, the service has usage limits. As the company aims to find new revenue sources, tools like Stable Doodle seem to be a significant part of its strategy.