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Stripe Acquires Okay, an AI-Powered Productivity Tool for Engineers

Stripe, a global fintech company, acquires Okay, a startup offering analytics software to assist engineering leaders in improving their teams' performance.

Stripe, the fintech giant, has acquired Okay, a startup that offers low-code analytics software to aid engineering leaders in understanding their teams' performance. Okay was created to provide companies with a means of developing engineering effectiveness dashboards atop developer tools.

The startup was founded in 2019 by Antoine Boulanger (CEO) and Tomas Barreto (CTO), who both had prior experience in high-ranking engineering roles at Box. After their time at Box, Boulanger was a senior engineering manager at Google, and Barreto served as a vice president of product and engineering at Checkr.

Okay's software functions by integrating with developer tools like GitHub and Jira, collecting data, and presenting it in an easy-to-understand format. This aids in identifying bottlenecks affecting engineers in their daily activities and works to increase overall engineering efficiency.

Following its acquisition by Stripe, Okay will shift from serving its previous clients—which included companies like Brex, Plaid, and Intercom—to exclusively serving Stripe.

The exact terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. This acquisition is Stripe's first since purchasing BBPOS, a card reader provider, in January 2022.