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Sun-Maid Taps Quench as Lead Social Media Agency

Sun-Maid chooses Quench to elevate its social media game. The collaboration aims to bring groundbreaking content and a more loyal fanbase on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Sun-Maid and Quench Unite for Cutting-Edge Social Media Campaigns

Get ready, snack aficionados! Sun-Maid, the iconic raisin brand we all love, has just named Quench, the food-and-beverage advertising juggernaut, as its lead social media agency. Trust us when we say, this is one collaboration that's all set to create waves across the digital landscape!

"Sun-Maid aims to dominate the social media stage, churn out exciting content, and garner an even more dedicated following. Who better to partner with than Quench to make this dream a reality?" exclaims Sun-Maid Chief Commercial Officer, Mark Fields.

This is not Quench's first rodeo with Sun-Maid; in fact, they've been going strong since 2018! From TV and digital campaigns to experiential setups and influencer endorsements, Quench has been Sun-Maid's go-to for groundbreaking 360-degree activations.

Quench has already shown its marketing prowess during Halloween. Remember 'The Raisin House' and 'Halloweentown'? These campaigns turned raisins from trick-or-treat afterthoughts to spine-tingling experiences that won the brand multiple awards—including a Gold PRO Award and an Ex Award. All in all, they generated a staggering 2.7 billion media impressions!

But now, they're aiming for something even bigger—breathtaking activations on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Social media will never know what hit it!

So, whether you're a raisin enthusiast or a marketing geek, you'd better keep your eyes peeled on Sun-Maid's social channels. With Quench at the helm, Sun-Maid is not just going to raise the bar; they're going to blast it to new, dizzying heights!