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Sundar Pichai Discusses Search, AI, and Competing with Microsoft

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, shares his thoughts on the significance of AI, the future of search, and the ongoing competition with Microsoft in the technology industry.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, discussing the future of Google, AI, and search.

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai recently spoke about the company's focus on AI, the future of search, and the competition with Microsoft. The interview took place after Google I/O, the company's major developer conference, where Pichai introduced new generative AI features in several Google products.

Pichai believes that AI is one of the most profound platform shifts in history and is not concerned about being the first to market with generative AI products. He acknowledges that Google was instrumental in creating core technologies behind the current AI moment, including the transformer technology used in ChatGPT. However, he also recognizes that OpenAI and others have been first to market with generative AI products, and OpenAI's partnership with Microsoft on a new version of Bing presents a significant competitor to Google Search.

When asked about the future of search, Pichai acknowledges the current limitations and inconsistencies of web search results. He believes that AI-based search has the potential to answer questions more naturally, which would require remaking the web and, consequently, Google itself.

Pichai recently reorganized Google and Alphabet's AI teams, moving DeepMind inside Google and merging it with the Google Brain AI group to form a new unit called Google DeepMind. The decision aimed to streamline Google's AI efforts and build a more cohesive AI strategy moving forward.

In the interview, Pichai also shares his vision for Google's future, driven by his ambition to lead the company into the next era of technology and innovation. While the discussion covered a wide range of topics, there was no mention of Google's AI metadata plans or the status of RCS and Android.