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Surprise Release: Zoom Quietly Launches Apple TV Version of its Meetings App

Zoom arrives on Apple TV 4K for easy meetings. Connect, log in, and start discussions from your couch effortlessly.

Revolutionizing Home Entertainment: Zoom Arrives on Apple TV 4K for Seamless Meetings

Attention Apple TV users! The long-awaited Zoom experience has arrived for 2nd gen or later Apple TV 4K models. Recently, an observant AppleInsider spotted the appearance of the 'Zoom - for Home TV' app quietly landing in the tvOS App Store, making waves among TV enthusiasts.

Apple's tvOS 17 update earlier this year set the stage by enabling Continuity Camera for Apple TV. This advancement allowed users with 2nd-generation-or-later Apple TV versions to harness their iPhones or iPads as webcams for FaceTime sessions on their TV screens. The same functionality applies for macOS meetings using an iPhone.

Engaging with Zoom's new app is a simple process. Signing in mirrors the familiar experience of most third-party video streaming apps. Either visit a pairing URL on your phone to enter a code displayed on the TV or directly input credentials on the TV screen.

Upon successful login, connecting your phone is akin to the FaceTime process on Apple TV. Zoom guides you through linking to your phone, displaying a list of accounts from nearby devices if the Apple TV is shared among multiple users. Upon selection, your phone prompts a notification — accept, and you're set for your meeting or discussion.

The shared screenshot demonstrates the login screen post-authorization. While no secondary camera was available during the capture, Continuity Camera doesn't stream video when taking a photo. However, in a live scenario, it'd display a real-time image rather than the blurred snapshot captured while switching to the iPhone camera app.

As per the Zoom App Store listing, the Apple TV app incorporates features found in other app versions, including the ability to initiate or join meetings, invite participants, and engage in in-meeting chats. While Zoom hasn't officially documented the Apple TV app on its site, the app is user-friendly and ideal for remote work scenarios, allowing for meetings from the comfort of your couch or conducting office meetings effortlessly using a TV without extensive setup.