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Talon Outdoor Undergoes Leadership Revamp; CEO Barry Cupples Exits

Talon Outdoor witnesses a major leadership transformation as CEO Barry Cupples departs, and founder Eric Newnham steps back into the chief executive role, bolstering the company's growth strategy.

Talon Outdoor Undergoes Leadership Revamp

Global out-of-home media powerhouse, Talon Outdoor, is undergoing a significant leadership reconfiguration, headlined by the exit of CEO Barry Cupples, who directed the agency for nearly half a decade.

In the wake of Cupples' departure, Eric Newnham, the agency’s founder, has promptly stepped back into the CEO chair. Previously wearing the CEO hat from 2013 to 2019, Newnham's entrepreneurial flair spans several decades, predominantly in the out-of-home sector. A chief orchestrator of Talon’s global growth since its inception, Newnham expressed enthusiasm about reassuming an active leadership role.

On his return, Newnham commented, “I eagerly anticipate stepping back into an active role to guide Talon in meeting its global aspirations. I wish Barry the best in his future pursuits. Moreover, with Stewart’s substantial experience in spearheading digital-first companies like MiQ, I believe we are in a prime position to realize our forthcoming growth. The opportunity to work closely with him invigorates me.”

The reshuffle has also ushered in Mike Saunter as the firm's Chief Financial Officer and the introduction of Henry Lucas in the novel role of Chief Commercial Officer. Their combined experience in amplifying commercial growth and fine-tuning operational efficiency is anticipated to empower Talon's tech-centric media solutions, fueling business progression.

Stewart Easterbrook's role, meanwhile, has been expanded, positioning him as the Executive Chairman.

Newnham added, “Both Mike and Henry possess a profound understanding of commercial growth dynamics and operational excellence. Their leadership will be essential in magnifying our tech-driven media capabilities, propelling us forward.”

Talon Outdoor’s leadership metamorphosis, sparked by CEO Barry Cupples' departure, signals a focused intent on rejuvenating its global growth blueprint. With the founder, Eric Newnham, reclaiming the reins and the introduction of seasoned leaders in key roles, the company is poised for strategic expansion and fortified operational efficiency in the out-of-home media arena.