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Telegram Enhances Channels with Fresh Discovery and Customization Features

Discover Telegram's channel enhancements, from better discovery to custom emojis and story stats, competing to enrich user experience against WhatsApp!

Telegram Elevates Channel Experience: Unveiling Innovative Features and Enhanced Interaction

Telegram, in a concerted effort to enhance its channel experience, has introduced a wave of innovative features aimed at enriching user interaction and competitiveness, especially in response to WhatsApp's evolving functionalities. These new updates further elevate the platform's engagement offerings, propelling it towards a more robust and feature-rich environment.

One of the key updates involves the improved discovery of similar channels. When users join a new Telegram channel, the app now suggests other channels of relevance, fostering a more comprehensive exploration of various channels within the platform.

Building upon the earlier introduction of stories, Telegram now allows users and channels to repost their stories on their respective pages. This functionality extends to adding text, images, or video commentary, enhancing the storytelling experience.

Channels have been empowered to create and utilize custom emojis based on their levels. Premium users, with their subscription, can boost any channel, gaining a boost that contributes to unlocking features such as the ability to post stories. While this gamified process may seem complex, it incentivizes engagement within the platform.

Furthermore, Telegram is providing channels that have enabled the stories feature with comprehensive statistics, offering insights into views, reactions, shares, and activity timelines for different stories. This data-driven approach aims to empower creators with actionable insights for content optimization.

In a bid to welcome and engage followers, Telegram introduced a giveaway feature enabling channels to host giveaways for Telegram Premium and other rewards, fostering community engagement and growth.

Beyond channel-related updates, Telegram is extending its voice-to-text feature for audio messages to free users, allowing two transcriptions per week. Additional enhancements in the update include improved code highlighting in messages, a dual-sided wallpaper for premium users visible to both parties in a chat, and an enhanced topics view in groups.

The competitive landscape with WhatsApp's growing user base has spurred Telegram to innovate continuously. WhatsApp recently celebrated its channels feature reaching 500 million monthly active users, underlining the intensified competition. With over 800 million monthly active users, Telegram's commitment to innovation remains integral, continuously striving to enhance user experiences and engagement.