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Telegram Launches Self-Custodial Crypto Wallet Globally, Except for the U.S.

Unearth the future of digital currency with Telegram's TON Space wallet. Elevate your messaging and financial freedom game to new heights with this blockchain-powered self-custodial wallet!


Heads up, crypto enthusiasts! If you thought Telegram was just for texts and memes, think again. This messaging giant—boasting a whopping 800 million monthly users—just raised the stakes by rolling out a self-custodial crypto wallet called TON Space! Unveiled at the high-profile Token2049 conference in Singapore, this feature is more than a wallet; it's a revolution waiting to happen.

Forget the era of FTX implosions and reckonings. In a killer partnership with the TON Foundation, Telegram has answered the crypto world's prayers for safer, more user-controlled wallets. After all, why entrust someone else with your digital treasure?

Sure, Telegram has had its share of a complicated love affair with blockchain. Remember the legal saga of its ambitious Telegram Open Network (TON)? But the past is history. Enter TON Space, supported by the industry's brightest at the TON Foundation and developed by The Open Platform (TOP).

Starting this November, you won't need to jump through hoops to get your TON Space wallet up and running. Just use Telegram, and you're in—unless you're in the U.S, thanks to its crypto crackdowns.

TON Space is not a one-trick pony; it's the spearhead of a growing arsenal of mini apps you can use right within Telegram. Forget WeChat’s centralized model; Telegram lets you develop crypto-compatible mini apps via TON Space.

Imagine unlocking a private community with an NFT-based key that you receive directly in your TON Space wallet. That's not just cool; it's groundbreaking! It's a game-changer for countless users, including unbanked populations in developing countries.

TON Space is more than a self-custodial wallet; it's your ticket to the decentralized universe. Telegram is even offering priority access to its global ad platform for TON projects. So, if you're a developer, your decentralized dream just got a major boost.

And while we're at it, let's not forget that Signal too has a crypto payments solution. But here’s the tea: Signal lacks the robust community to fuel social crypto interactions like Telegram does.

With TON Space, Telegram has moved from just another messaging app to a one-stop-shop for digital freedom and financial autonomy. It’s time to #JoinTheRevolution.