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Telegram Makes Voice Transcription Available to All Users in Latest Update

Explore Telegram's recent enhancements, including voice transcriptions, Similar Channels, story reposting, custom wallpapers, and fun message animations.

Telegram's Latest Updates: Expanded Features and Fun Animations

Telegram has unveiled a series of new updates for its Android and iOS messaging apps, introducing several convenient features that aim to enhance user engagement and accessibility.

One notable addition is the expansion of the voice-to-text transcription feature, previously available exclusively to Telegram Premium subscribers. Now, non-paying users can access voice transcriptions, though with a limit of converting only two messages per week. Premium subscribers, however, enjoy unlimited access to this feature. This update opens up hands-free transcription capabilities for all, albeit with certain limitations initially, as Telegram gradually rolls out this functionality.

Another feature introduced is "Similar Channels," designed to streamline channel discovery for users. When joining a new channel, Telegram suggests other public channels that share similarities in their subscriber base. This feature simplifies finding like-minded communities and facilitates connections among users with similar interests.

The update also includes the option to repost stories from loved ones or favorite channels, allowing users to add personalized content like text, audio, or video messages to these reposted stories. Additionally, Telegram now offers performance statistics for channels posting stories, providing insights into story views, shares, and reactions.

Telegram's cosmetic enhancements cater to Premium users, offering customization options such as setting wallpapers for individual chats, visible to both users, and personalizing profile pages with unique color and logo combinations. Furthermore, an engaging animation has been introduced for iOS users, visually vaporizing messages set to auto-delete, offering a playful touch to message management.

While some features are gradually rolling out and may not be immediately available everywhere, Telegram continues to evolve its platform, enriching user experiences and connectivity with these latest updates.