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Telegram's Hottest Feature: Stories Now FREE for All!

Telegram elevates your chat experience with its latest feature - Stories! Once a premium perk, now it's here for everyone. Join the revolution.

Telegram Stories: Now FREE For Every User!

Were you eyeing the Stories feature on Telegram, enviously reserved for the Premium users? The wait is over! In an exhilarating update aligned with Telegram's 10th-anniversary celebrations, Stories are now free for everyone. Inspired by Facebook Messenger, this feature doesn't just stop at giving you another platform to showcase your life; it offers you the magic wand of customization.

Telegram is all about user experience, and their take on Stories is no different. Wish to control who gets a sneak peek into your world? Choose from options that range from 'everyone' to just your 'close friends'. If you've ever wanted to keep that one nosy contact out, Telegram's got your back – hide your Stories from selected individuals.

For the elites, the Premium users get the added flair:

  • Decide the lifespan of your Stories from six to 48 hours.
  • Dive into the 'who viewed' list even after your story vanishes.
  • Enjoy the thrill of watching Stories incognito, leaving no traces behind.
  • Store those precious moments with a save-to-gallery feature.
  • And, believe it or not, they get a "10 times longer" caption feature.

Revolutionizing the way we connect, Telegram even added a quirky twist! With a BeReal-like dual-camera mode, capture and share from both the front and rear sensors. And for those who love expressing, send hearts or choose from a plethora of reactions.

If you've got your phone in hand, it's time to update! Telegram's Stories is storming into iOS and Android apps today. Dive into this wave of storytelling and share your life snippets in style!