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Telegram's Latest Update Showcases Redesigned Call Interface for Reduced Phone Battery Consumption

Discover Telegram's latest update introducing optimized calls, improved bot capabilities, and entertaining animations, aimed at elevating user interaction.

Telegram's Latest Update Unveils Enhanced Calls, Bot Platform, and Fun Animations

Telegram introduces a game-changing update, prioritizing enhanced calls and a sleek design that conserves your device's battery. The updated interface boasts dynamic call backgrounds, adapting to call statuses - ringing, active, or ended - while consuming fewer resources, ensuring prolonged battery life, and optimized performance, particularly on older devices.

Moreover, Telegram vows to continue enhancing call quality throughout 2024, promising better connectivity and audio experiences.

In a bid to empower developers, Telegram rolls out updates to its bot platform. Now, bots can dynamically respond to messages, manage reactions, quotes, and links, fostering seamless interaction within the Telegram ecosystem. They also gain the ability to fetch details about channel giveaways and boosts, enhancing their administrative functionalities.

Excitingly, Telegram debuts its "vaporize" animation, extending the feature to both iOS and Android users for a whimsical touch within the app. This playful effect accompanies message deletions, adding a delightful element to the user experience.

This significant update follows Telegram's recent enhancements to channels, introducing emoji customization for reactions and statistics for stories. With WhatsApp's broadcast channel features expanding in September 2023, Telegram remains dedicated to innovating, aligning its services to compete effectively in the messaging landscape.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, highlighted WhatsApp's channels surpassing 500 million monthly active users in his broadcast channel. While WhatsApp boasts over 2 billion monthly active users, Telegram, with its 800 million monthly active users, continues its trajectory of innovation and competition in the messaging realm.