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Tesla App Update Adds Apple Shortcuts and Siri Integration

Tesla’s newest app update, version 4.24.0, allows iPhone users to control various car functions via Apple's Siri and Shortcuts. Discover the wide range of automations, from Dog Mode to Sentry Mode, that you can now voice-activate.

Tesla's most recent app update now allows you to link your car's controls with Apple's Siri and Shortcuts feature. For those who have been relying on third-party apps like Tessie to control their Tesla vehicles, this development is a significant upgrade.

The process is relatively straightforward. You create a Shortcuts automation on your iPhone and give it a specific name. Then, using Siri, you say the name of the automation to trigger it. Though it's less intuitive than built-in Siri integration, it offers Tesla owners greater control over their vehicles.

Tesla seems to have underestimated just how many controls are now accessible via Siri and Shortcuts. Here's a list of what you can do:

  • Activate Bioweapon Defense Mode or Dog Mode
  • Control Camp Mode and Defrost settings
  • Precondition your vehicle
  • Adjust seat heaters and climate temperature
  • Control windows and media volume
  • Emissions test
  • Flash lights and honk the horn
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Open frunk and charge port
  • Engage Sentry Mode
  • Set charge limits and start/stop charging

To use this feature, you'll need to update your Tesla app to version 4.24.0. Once updated, the release note should confirm that you can now "Access your vehicle controls and climate from the Apple Shortcuts app."

This integration is another step toward seamless interaction between smart cars and smart devices. With more users seeking convenient ways to interact with their vehicles, this update sets a precedent for future functionalities that could be integrated into smart cars.

Though it's not the fully-integrated Siri experience many might have hoped for, the new Tesla app update makes voice-activated controls easier and more accessible for iPhone users. It opens the door for a future where smart devices and smart cars communicate more effortlessly.