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Tesla Introduces Cost-effective Model X and Model S with Reduced Range

Tesla revives the "standard range" for Model X and Model S, offering a $10,000 price cut and a decreased EV range. A strategic move for budget-conscious consumers.

Tesla Model S and Model X with the new standard range option.

Tesla enthusiasts, here's some electrifying news! The auto-giant has rebooted its "standard range" trim, bringing a welcome price drop for its premium models - a nod to shoppers who prioritize cost over extended range.

With this revision, the Model S gets a price tag starting at $78,490, offering a 320-mile range. This is a neat drop from its previous $88,490 for 405 miles. Similarly, the Model X now starts at a reduced $88,490, giving you 269 miles on a full charge. Earlier, it was priced at $98,490 for 348 miles.

Wondering about the battery pack with this decreased range? Here's where Tesla gets interesting. Both vehicles, despite the reduced range, have a weight similar to their extended range counterparts. Speculations are rife that they house the same battery pack, with the range being curtailed through a software lock. And in typical Tesla style, they might let owners unlock the extra range for a fee later on.

Over the past year, Tesla's pricing strategy has seen various tweaks. From slashing the Model Y and Model 3 prices multiple times to reducing prices for the upscale Model S and Model X, they've been active. However, this recent strategy sets a precedent as it's Tesla's maiden venture into trimming both the price and the range simultaneously, giving buyers a unique value proposition.