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Tesla Vehicles to Automatically Initiate 911 Calls in Case of Accidents

Get ready for Tesla's 2023 Holiday Update unveiling auto-911 call, Apple Podcasts, enhanced park assistance, and innovative blind spot indicators.

Tesla's 2023 Holiday Update: Auto-911 Call, Apple Podcasts, and More

Exciting news for Tesla enthusiasts! The 2023 Holiday Update is just around the corner, bringing a slew of game-changing features. One of the headline updates includes Tesla cars now being capable of automatically dialing 911 if their airbags deploy during a crash. This safety-focused enhancement aims to prioritize rapid assistance in emergencies.

Additionally, Tesla announced forthcoming features such as Apple Podcasts support, rear-screen Bluetooth headset compatibility, an updated park assistance system with immersive 3D visuals, and new blind spot indicators. The integration of Apple Podcasts complements last year's inclusion of Apple Music, allowing Tesla owners to sync podcasts effortlessly with their Apple devices.

Details revealed by Not a Tesla App shed light on additional improvements within the 2023.44.25 update. Owners will no longer need separate USB sticks for various light shows; all can be accessed from a single storage drive. While B-pillar cameras will be viewable in the Tesla app's Live Sentry view, they won't capture Dashcam or Sentry Mode events.

An intriguing addition showcased in a video shared by Not a Tesla App demonstrates a glowing red indicator on the lane change camera's video, signaling the car's detection of another vehicle.

Tesla's announcement of these features follows a complaint on social media, prompting CEO Elon Musk to urge a push for improved updates. Past holiday updates have introduced significant features like Apple Music, Steam integration, TikTok, and Sonic the Hedgehog games.

This year's gaming updates bring Castle Doombad, a tower defense game, and rear-screen gaming, a sensible approach compared to past controversies. Despite dodging regulatory concerns previously, Tesla remains focused on delivering innovative updates to elevate the driving experience.