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The Arc Browser Now Available for Public Download: Features and Updates

The Browser Company's Arc browser, after over a year in invite-only mode, is now open for everyone. The browser version has been updated to 1.0 along with a website revamp.

Arc Browser Version 1.0: Now Open for All Users

The Browser Company's Arc browser, which was previously accessible only by invite, is now available for everyone. Accompanying this announcement, the company has updated the browser version to 1.0 and redesigned its website to celebrate the public launch.

Currently, the Arc browser is only available for Mac users, with a Windows version expected to be launched later in the year. A companion mobile app exists but does not offer full browsing capabilities.

Founded by former Facebook employees and Branch co-founders, Josh Miller and Hursh Agrawal, The Browser Company was established in 2019. In 2021, it garnered $5 million in funding from notable investors such as Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn, Ev Williams of Medium, and Dylan Field of Figma to create a novel web browsing experience.

Built on the Chromium base architecture, the Arc browser allows users to seamlessly port saved bookmarks, logins, and extensions. However, it employs a unique approach to tabs, treating them more like applications, which may pose a learning curve for new users. Arc offers customizable shortcuts for various actions, and users can create different "Spaces" like "Work," "Entertainment," "Vacation," and "Notetaking" to store relevant tabs for quick access. Furthermore, it includes built-in note-taking and whiteboard tools.

In the past few months, Arc has rolled out several new features. It launched an iPhone app in March that enables users to organize tabs into spaces while browsing on mobile for later access. A feature called "Boosts" was introduced, enabling users to change the theme and layout of a website without coding skills. Additional updates include a new toolbar, picture-in-picture support for Google Meet, a per-site control center, and speed improvements.

The Browser Company has hinted at integrating AI into the Arc browser, in line with competitors like Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Sigma OS. This may involve AI-assisted website modifications, with further updates expected after this v1 release.