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The Lightning Fast Rise of Meta’s New Threads App, Reaches 30 Million Users in Less Than a Day

Discover the thrilling journey of Meta's Threads App that's on the verge of breaking records, amassing 30 million users within a day.

Meta’s New Threads App Reaches 30 Million Users in Less Than a Day.

Ready for a thrilling ride into the world of social media breakthroughs? Buckle up because Meta’s new Threads App is soaring at warp speed, racing towards the title of the 'fastest-growing app of all time'. In less than 24 hours since its launch, Threads App has magnetically attracted over 30 million active users.

This astonishing growth spree was announced by none other than Mark Zuckerberg himself, the CEO of Meta. Threads is rapidly becoming the hottest new destination in the digital universe. Users are swarming like bees, keen to reserve their profiles, engrossed in electrifying discussions and evaluating the platform's potential.

Mark Zuckerberg (@zuck) on Threads
184K likes, 30K replies. Wow, 30 million sign ups as of this morning. Feels like the beginning of something special, but we’ve got a lot of work ahead to build out the app.

Threads is accelerating so swiftly that it's set to outpace the current record-holder, ChatGPT, which gathered a 100 million user crowd in just two short months. However, a more intriguing comparison lies with Meta’s own offspring, the Messenger app. This sibling saw meteoric growth when Facebook motivated users to download it for messaging purposes. It amassed around 300 million more users within half a year, but Messenger has been around for years before this enforced download strategy, rendering it ineligible for the 'fastest-growing' label.

This creates a clear racetrack for Threads, which is predicted to zoom past the 50 million user milestone by the weekend and grab the crown possibly by next week. This will certainly ruffle feathers at Twitter's nest. Its CEO, Elon Musk, has been noticeably quiet about this formidable Twitter clone gaining such rapid momentum. Threads has stirred controversy with its data gathering processes and alleged censorship of users, even during its nascent phase. Twitter’s new captain, Linda Yaccarino, defends the distinctiveness of Twitter’s strategy but the race is far from over.

Will Threads stand toe-to-toe with Twitter? Only time will tell. But it sure does show promising signs. Threads has a mammoth launching pad with Instagram as an onboarding ramp, boasting a billion daily users compared to Twitter's 250 million. Imagine the endless trending discussions you might miss by not being part of this new digital wave!

Ad buyers are sure to flock to this potential goldmine, heightening Meta's revenue prospects and eating into Twitter’s market share. Add brand safety concerns, rate limit issues, and a shift towards paid usage, Threads may just lead the pack by continuing its current trajectory.

Zuckerberg didn't mince his words while taking a jab at Musk: “Twitter had the chance to create a public conversations app with 1bn+ people but fell short. Hopefully, we won’t.”

Is Threads worth the hype? Should brands jump aboard this rocketing new platform? The answers to these exciting questions lie in the unfolding chapters of this fascinating social media saga!