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The Social Element Hires Former Meta Executives for Director Positions

The Social Element enlists top talents from Meta to redefine the social media agency landscape. Get to know the new A-Team shaping the future of brand engagement!

Ex-Meta Talents Join The Social Element's New Director Roles

Fasten your seat belts, because The Social Element is ushering in a seismic shift in the social media landscape! With three high-profile hires fresh from Meta, the agency is ready to redefine what it means to be a "social agency of the future."

Enter Manu Gambagorte as the Director of Strategy and Insights, Shahnaz Ahmed helming Creative and Innovation, and Alex Attfield steering Client Services. This power trio brings a wealth of experience, not just from Meta but also previous stints at Spotify UK, Google Brazil, and Publicis London among others. The mandate? Report to Europe Managing Director, Linn Frost, and transform brand engagement on social platforms.

"This is our 'Avengers Assemble' moment," proclaims Frost, "we're bringing together the unique strengths of Manu, Alex, and Shahnaz to connect brands to their audiences like never before!"

Gambagorte, the former global head of social impact at Meta, aims to make social media a cornerstone in brand-building, not an afterthought. "Social media is not just a broadcast channel, it needs to be embedded from the get-go," she asserts.

Shahnaz Ahmed, known for her stellar creative strategy work at Meta, is focused on turning heads and hearts. "We'll create campaigns that are not only thumb-stopping but also emotionally resonate with the audience," she says.

Finally, Alex Attfield, who's bringing his experience from The&Partnership and Sky Creative Agency, is all set to enhance client experiences. "We're closely integrated into our client's businesses, and my aim is to harness the full funnel brand power of social media," Attfield declares.

The Social Element is taking gigantic strides in shaping the future of social media strategy, creativity, and client servicing. If there ever was a time to keep an eye on a social media agency, that time is now!