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The UK's Top 10 Most Admired Entrepreneurs in 2024

A new report by Startup Awards 2023 shows that when start-up founders were asked which entrepreneurs they admired the most 10 names led the way.

A new business survey of 1,700 founders asked start-up founders who they admire the most and the graph below highlights the ten most frequently mentioned by the respondents.

Steven Bartlett ranks top when we asked start-up founders which individual entrepreneur they admire the most

Steven Bartlett, founder of The Flight Group

Given that he only came to prominence in the last few years, it may be surprising to find that Steven Bartlett (pictured right), the founder of Flight Group, is ranked number one on our list of role model entrepreneurs.

However, he has since built a strong personal brand based on his entrepreneurial success, appearing on Dragons' Den as one of the investors and being the host for "The Diary Of A CEO," which is the most downloaded podcast in the UK on all audio platforms [12].

Steven has also become an accomplished investor in the health and wellness space with notable investments including Huel (a fast growing UK e-commerce company) and Zoe (a personalised nutrition programme).

Despite the presence of entrepreneur ‘rock stars’ as role models, the survey discloses another fascinating finding namely that more respondents hold family members who were (or are) entrepreneurs in higher esteem than established founders such as Richard Branson and Elon Musk when identifying their entrepreneurial super-heroes.

This again reinforces the importance of family and reveals the profound influence of a nurturing environment in complementing inherent traits to mould entrepreneurial successes.

It is also worth noting that a more general ‘other entrepreneurs’ are rated fourth by this group of start-ups suggesting that there is an increasing view by founders that entrepreneurs, whoever they may be, support and encourage each other.

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