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Threads App Update: Meta Adds New Features to Enhance User Experience

Meta’s Threads app broadens its functionality, allowing users to see liked posts and introduces new media quality settings. Here’s what you can expect in the latest update.

Meta's Threads App: New Features and User Insights

Meta is continuing its innovation spree with its text-based app, Threads. Hot on the heels of its recent launch, Threads is unveiling the capability for users to view their liked posts. Although the feature saw initial tests on Android beta, it didn't take long for Meta to extend this offering to its entire user base over the weekend.

For those eager to check out their array of liked posts, simply navigate to Settings > Your Likes accessible via the profile page. This move is reminiscent of other platforms like Twitter (recently rebranded to X), which displays likes under a dedicated tab on user profiles.

But Meta didn't stop there. Recognizing the growing demand for high-quality media, Threads has incorporated a media upload quality feature. Located under Settings > Account > Media Quality, this option empowers users to enhance their image and video upload quality, ensuring crisp visuals every time.

Furthermore, fine-tuning one's social experience gets easier. Users can now arrange their follow list based on the 'Latest first' or 'Earlier first' criteria. You can review and adjust your list by visiting the profile, selecting the follower facepile located beneath your bio, and heading to the 'Following' tab.

While these additions are subtle enhancements, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, teased the inclusion of highly anticipated features, including post search functionality and a web version, in the coming weeks.

Threads has made waves since its inception, boasting a whopping 100 million sign-ups within its first five days of launch. However, industry metrics hint at a decline in active engagement over time.

Nevertheless, with Meta's penchant for innovation and user-centric updates, it's exciting to see how Threads will evolve in the future, potentially regaining momentum and user attention.