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Threads Growth Slows Down as Meta Refocuses on Key Development Areas

With membership numbers stabilizing at 106 million, Meta's new social app Threads focuses on key enhancements to enrich user experience and drive growth.

Meta's Threads App Refines User Experience.

Threads, Meta's Twitter-like platform, has witnessed its initial growth wave taper off as it reaches 106 million members. While we await the platform's usage statistics, Instagram's chief Adam Mosseri has outlined a series of enhancements slated for Threads, setting the stage for a user experience evolution.

Here are some focal points for Threads' development journey:

Following Feed: Unlike the current design, Threads is working on introducing a feed exclusively populated with posts from profiles you follow, allowing users to avoid sifting through irrelevant updates. This more personalized feed model is similar to Twitter's 'For you' versus 'Following' feed, with improvements expected soon.

Edit Button: Controversially absent on Twitter, an edit button will make its debut on Threads. While Twitter concerns lie with altering the context of tweets, Meta's position has been different, allowing post-editing on Facebook and Instagram for years. Therefore, full post-editing is on the roadmap for Threads, without extra charges!

Post Search: Threads' search functionality, currently limited to user search, will soon allow for broader discovery. This upgrade aims to help users connect to conversations of interest and discover trending topics, boosting the platform's utility.

Desktop App: For social media managers who spend most of their time on desktops, a fully-functional desktop version of Threads is eagerly awaited. The addition of Threads to the desktop and inclusion of post-scheduling in the API could transform the social media management landscape.

EU Access: Currently, Threads is unavailable to European users due to the new EU Digital Markets Act. Meta is making sure the app complies with all the latest EU regulations before launch, thereby causing a delay in European availability.

Account Deletion: Mosseri explained that Threads users could deactivate their Threads account without deleting their IG profile. A complete erasure does require both to be deleted, but this will be addressed in a future update.

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In addition to these, the Threads team is also working on hashtags, voice notes, and photo and video tagging. Meta is introducing branded content tags, government-affiliated account labels, and fact-check markers to meet its app specifications.

While Threads is still in its infancy, these upcoming changes could reshape the user experience and propel growth. Given its affiliation with Instagram and Meta's billion-user base, Threads has all it needs to claim a considerable piece of Twitter's traditional territory. The challenge now lies in translating member count into active, engaged users.