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Threads Introduces Individual Account Deletion, Independent of Instagram

Discover Meta's latest update allowing standalone Threads profile deletion on Instagram, granting users more control and autonomy.

Threads Profile Deletion: Meta Enhances User Control on Instagram

Meta is rolling out a new feature allowing users to delete their Threads profile independently, separate from their Instagram account. Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, announced this functionality, accessible through a dedicated "Delete or Deactivate Profile" section in the settings menu.

This addition addresses a longstanding issue with Threads, an app that initially necessitated an Instagram account for signup. Responding to early user feedback, Mosseri had previously hinted at exploring ways to enable Threads account deletion without Instagram's link. For those not looking to permanently erase their Threads profile, deactivation remains an option.

Furthermore, Meta is introducing an option to opt out of displaying Threads posts on both Facebook and Instagram. This feature, prompted by user feedback seeking greater control over their experience, presents users with more autonomy over their shared content.

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Threads boasts nearly 100 million monthly users. The app's potential upcoming features, hinted at by app analysts, include the integration of hashtags and direct messaging capabilities. Some users, like yourself, are eagerly awaiting the promised support for ActivityPub.

As Meta continues to refine Threads, these updates signify the company's commitment to enhancing user control and experience within the app. Stay tuned for more developments and feature rollouts as Threads evolves to meet user demands and preferences.