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Threads Revamps its Layout: Spotlighting Reposts More Than Ever!

Threads app undergoes an exciting update, pushing reposts to the center stage, aiming to rekindle user engagement. No web version yet, but lots of new hooks!


Fresh off the digital press! Threads app, despite not having a web counterpart, is in the limelight once again with its latest update. What's cooking? Reposts. Lots of them. And they're more prominent than ever.

In an attempt to give reposts their much-deserved recognition, Meta has double-downed on its approach. They've introduced a sleek “Reposts” tab right on the profile page. So, whether you're hunting down the most shared memes or trending news snippets, navigating through a user's reposts is now a breeze. Also, for those who love a stroll down memory lane, there’s a new treat in settings – a chance to revisit posts that caught your fancy.

New "Reposts" tab on the Threads app.

That's not all. The Threads landscape has had another tectonic shift. Earlier, the ‘Following’ feed played second fiddle, only showing other users’ reposts in the algorithmic “For You” feed. But guess what? Times have changed! Reposts now pop up in the reverse-chronological "Following" feed too. And who do we have to thank? Your invaluable feedback, as cited by Instagram's bigwig, Adam Mosseri.

Drawing parallels, Twitter’s 2009 Retweet function revolution does overshadow this update. But the Threads team is leaving no stone unturned to bring back the spark, especially given the dwindling user engagement. Since its debut, they've dished out features to share Threads posts directly to Instagram or slide them into Instagram DMs.

Though, a tiny wishlist item from netizens: a web version of Threads. Especially when platforms like X (yep, that's Twitter’s fancy new name) decided to lock TweetDeck behind subscription doors. Maybe soon? We'll keep our eyes peeled and fingers crossed!