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Threads Tests Search Feature in Australia and New Zealand

Meta is testing a new search feature for Threads in Australia and New Zealand, allowing users to search beyond usernames. This move comes amidst efforts to re-engage users on the platform.

Threads Tests New Search Feature in Australia, New Zealand

Last week, Threads celebrated the launch of its web version. Not resting on its laurels, Meta is now testing another much-awaited feature—full-text search—in Australia and New Zealand.

Threads has seen a drop in user engagement since its initial excitement. In a bid to revitalize the platform, Meta has been introducing new features like a following tab, a likes section, a reposts tab, and most recently, a web version.

At the moment, Threads only allows users to search for usernames. The new full-text search aims to expand this functionality, although advanced search features or filters may not be available in the early versions. Mark Zuckerberg expressed his excitement in a Threads post, stating, "Get excited — search is coming to Threads."

Meta emphasized that it's "actively listening to the community's feedback" and plans to improve the search experience based on user input.

It's worth noting that Mastodon has already started rolling out a new version of its pop-out search bar, which includes filters like searching for posts with media or looking for posts within a specific time frame.

The feature is in its testing phase in Australia and New Zealand, but there are plans for a wider rollout to other English-speaking countries soon.

The introduction of a search feature on Threads is a positive step in re-engaging its user base. While it may not offer advanced functionalities right out of the gate, this is a move in the right direction for a platform looking to regain its momentum.