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TikTok Celebrates Black Business Month 2023 with Inspiring Webinar Series

TikTok unveils a webinar series for Black Business Month, focusing on highlighting Black-owned businesses' success stories and maximizing TikTok's business potential.

TikTok's Webinar Series for Black Business Month 2023

TikTok is marking Black Business Month 2023 with a flourish, announcing a riveting two-part webinar series. Set to spotlight the stories of successful Black entrepreneurs on the platform, the sessions aim to inspire businesses globally on harnessing the power of TikTok for amplified visibility and connection.

These webinars, scheduled for the next fortnight, are a golden opportunity to glean insights directly from the movers and shakers of the Black business community. They’ll delve deep into the mechanics of TikTok, sharing their journeys, learnings, and the magic formula that skyrocketed their brands on the app.

But the icing on the cake? TikTok's in-house mavens from training and sales will also be sharing their wisdom. For businesses and marketers keen on diving into TikTok's ecosystem, this is a rare chance to grasp the platform's best practices directly from the horse's mouth. And guess what? A single sign-up gets you a seat for both these knowledge-packed sessions, lined up for the next two Wednesdays at 2pm ET.

And if you needed another reason to attend, here it is - a tempting discount on the Lark Enterprise plan and priority onboarding support awaits every attendee!

Puzzled about Lark? It's ByteDance's ace in the hole. A product in the same family as TikTok, Lark is the Swiss Army knife for businesses, promising enhanced communication, collaboration, and cost savings. With a plethora of functionalities, from managing workflows to streamlining day-to-day tasks, Lark is positioning itself as a one-stop-shop for businesses.

Though Lark remains uncharted territory for many, it's intriguing to witness ByteDance's masterstroke – leveraging TikTok’s colossal fame to unveil a galaxy of new ventures. As TikTok continues to be a global sensation, it's clear that ByteDance's vision transcends just social media – it's about creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem for businesses and users alike.