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TikTok Explores Enhancements to In-App Messaging and User Engagement Capabilities

TikTok is eyeing a significant expansion of its social features, including in-app messaging, sharing, and in-stream chats. Could this be TikTok’s answer to Meta's multi-app ecosystem?

TikTok Plans Major Social Expansion: Messaging, Chat & More

Get ready, TikTok fans—your favorite platform could soon become an even more engaging social hub! TikTok is dropping hints about upping its social game with new job listings that suggest a slew of fresh features, from in-app messaging and sharing to in-stream chats.

Traditionally, TikTok has relied on its sophisticated AI algorithms to serve you a broad spectrum of content, whether or not you follow the creators. But it seems TikTok wants to change this paradigm, seeking to "build meaningful social connections between users," according to their job listings.

While TikTok has become a cultural phenomenon, it’s facing an unexpected challenge: people are taking TikTok conversations off TikTok. With the current trend of users sharing content via direct messages and smaller groups, TikTok is potentially losing out on critical engagement metrics and user data.

This strategic shift could make TikTok more comparable to Meta's app features, flipping the script on the usual trend of Meta duplicating popular functionalities from competitors. And given Meta's focus on social interaction, TikTok's move makes perfect sense.

This evolution isn't just about chats and sharing; TikTok aims to make inroads into shopping and in-stream purchases. The strategy has been lucrative in Asian markets, where social commerce thrives. Imagine browsing products while connecting with your friends and favorite brands—right inside the TikTok app.

It’s early days, and much remains to be seen. However, if TikTok manages to make these features as addictive as its 15-second videos, get ready for a new kind of TikTok experience—one that keeps you in the app for more than just scrolling through viral hits.

Stay tuned for updates on TikTok's journey into uncharted social engagement territories.