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TikTok Introduces Updated Ads Library for European Campaigns

TikTok has rolled out an updated version of its Ad Library, providing insights into all active ad campaigns on the platform. Currently, the tool is only available for European campaigns.

TikTok Unveils Updated Ads Library for EU Campaigns

TikTok has launched an enhanced version of its Ad Library tool, offering in-depth insights into all of the active ad campaigns on the platform. This information includes details about ad targeting, the geographical reach of ads, and who paid for them.

The new TikTok Ad Library, which shares many similarities with Meta's Ad Library in terms of its structure, is presently available only for European campaigns. However, it could become an invaluable asset for those wanting to study the different ad approaches on TikTok. In this process (credit to social media expert Matt Navarra for sharing), users can input their target country, type of ad, date range, and more. In response, TikTok provides an overview of all ads being run on the app within the defined parameters. Clicking on any campaign gives a more comprehensive summary of the specifics.

While a version of the tool has been available since 2021 within TikTok's creative research utilities, this updated format offers additional targeting information, likely to comply with evolving European Union (EU) ad regulations. Nonetheless, users can still explore top ads from all regions via the original TikTok Ads overview, which allows filtering by industry, region, objective, and performance.

Although not entirely new, the updated Ad Library provides more specific data on ad performance and the source of the ad funding. While it is unclear if the tool will be rolled out for all regions due to its possible connection to EU regulations, it could potentially become a valuable research tool for EU and international brands.

Access to the new EU TikTok Ads Library is available here.