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TikTok Launches $6 Million Fund to Reward Creators of Viral Filters and Effects

TikTok introduces a $6 million fund to compensate creators whose filters and effects go viral, providing recognition and financial incentives for their contributions to the platform.

TikTok is taking a step towards supporting creators by introducing the Effect Creator Rewards program, a fund that allocates $6 million to compensate creators of popular effects and filters. This initiative aims to recognize their contributions and encourage further innovation within the TikTok community.

Under the Effect Creator Rewards program, creators will receive payments based on the number of videos shared using their effects and filters. To qualify for compensation, an effect must be used in at least 500,000 videos within 90 days of its creation, earning the artist $700. Creators will also receive an additional $140 for every 100,000 videos beyond the initial baseline. For instance, if an effect reaches 1 million uses within 90 days, the creator will earn $1,400. It's important to note that only one video per person per day is eligible for compensation, even if multiple clips featuring the effect are posted.

This new fund addresses a longstanding frustration among effects creators who have been unable to monetize their work directly. Filters and effects often play a crucial role in driving trends and are used extensively by millions of TikTok users daily. While the Effect Creator Rewards program offers some financial reward, the qualifying criteria for the baseline payment of $700 are challenging to meet. Additionally, the $6 million fund represents a fraction of the $1 billion previously allocated by TikTok to support popular content creators.

Effects creators also face competition from filters created and published by TikTok itself. The platform's in-house filters, such as the popular Bold Glamour, Teenage Look, Old Face, and AI Manga filters, often dominate the trending lists. Despite this, many effects creators have found alternative ways to monetize their work, such as through brand partnerships, commissions, or selling filters outside the platform. Some creators even collaborate with TikTok for product testing and development.

With the launch of the Effect Creator Rewards program, TikTok aims to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for effects creators. By recognizing their contributions and providing financial incentives, TikTok encourages innovation and ensures that creators feel valued for their unique contributions to the platform's vibrant community.

Join TikTok's Effect Creator Rewards program and unleash your creativity by developing viral filters and effects that captivate millions of users worldwide. Participate in the evolving trends and be rewarded for your imaginative contributions to the TikTok experience.