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TikTok Launches Open Applications: Bridging the Gap between Creators and Brands

TikTok has introduced a new feature, Open Applications, designed to foster connections between creators and brands, and streamline the campaign-building process.

TikTok is pioneering new territory in the creator economy with its latest feature, Open Applications. This new process facilitates connections between creators and brands, enabling brands to post upcoming campaign details, which creators can then respond to directly on the app.

Having been in a testing phase since February, TikTok is now opening the feature to all brands via the Creator Marketplace. This marks a significant leap for businesses seeking to ignite interest among creators to bolster their campaigns.

"Each creator application includes a short pitch or concept for the brand campaign, examples of relevant TikTok videos they’ve created, contact information, and their proposed fee. Open Applications makes it easier to find creators with unique stories and connections to your brand," TikTok explained.

The process acts like an audition for TikTok creators, expanding their brand collaboration opportunities and giving brands a broader selection of creators to partner with. Brands can view creator submissions in-app and use preference filters and screening questions to narrow down applicants based on audience demographics, follower count, location, brand affinity, and relevant experience.

Selected creators have been participating in this program since April. Now, with the broader release, all businesses can tap into these opportunities. The simplified creator discovery process promises to result in better, more targeted campaigns.

Brands can even invite specific creators to apply for their campaign pitches, further fine-tuning their collaboration efforts.

To take advantage of this new feature, brands must first verify their TikTok Creator Marketplace account and create an Open Applications campaign. This addition to TikTok could be an essential component of your brand's future campaign planning.