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TikTok Launches "TikTok Creative Challenge" for Monetization and Ad Creation

TikTok introduces the "TikTok Creative Challenge", a new monetization feature. This allows creators to make video ads for brands, with earnings dependent on the video's performance.

TikTok's New Monetization Feature

TikTok has introduced a new monetization feature named the "TikTok Creative Challenge". This feature allows creators to make and submit video ads for brand challenges and earn money based on the video's performance. The feature is currently being tested with a select number of brands.

To qualify, creators need to be at least 18 years old and own a US-based account with at least 50,000 followers. After enrollment, creators can browse challenges, viewing additional details and requirements, as well as the reward pool. TikTok insists on high-quality, original, well-edited content for submissions.

The videos that creators submit will not appear on their profiles. If approved, the video will be shown as an ad on the app's For You Feed. Enrolled creators will have access to resources like a dedicated Creator Community group and a Mentor Program.

TikTok's new feature streamlines the process for creators seeking brand deals, reducing the time and effort required to reach out to brands. This move follows the recent revamp of TikTok's creator fund, now called the "Creativity Program Beta", which is open to all eligible US creators.

The "TikTok Creative Challenge" adds to TikTok’s existing monetization tools like LIVE subscriptions, Series, TikTok Pulse, tips, and gifts.