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TikTok Releases 2023 Holiday Marketing Playbook for Campaign Planning

TikTok has launched its 2023 Holiday Marketing Playbook to help businesses plan their holiday campaigns and maximize sales. The 13-page guide offers insights into popular hashtags, emerging trends, practical promotion tips, and ideal campaign launch times.

With the holiday season six months away, TikTok has launched its 2023 Holiday Marketing Playbook, a comprehensive guide designed to assist businesses in planning their holiday campaigns and maximizing sales results.

Recognizing the importance of a well-prepared lead-up to the holiday season, TikTok's playbook provides a range of valuable insights and tips, ensuring businesses can lay a robust foundation for their campaigns now and reap the benefits later in the year.

The 13-page guide covers a variety of topics, including TikTok's role as a product discovery platform and its influence on shopping behaviors. It also provides insights into popular hashtags and emerging trends within the app, equipping marketers with the knowledge needed to boost their campaign's reach and engagement.

Moreover, the playbook offers an array of practical tips on how to maximize holiday promotions, featuring step-by-step listings of essential campaign building blocks. It also includes overviews of TikTok's ad products and calendar overlays, indicating the ideal time for businesses to launch each type of campaign.

TikTok's significant influence among younger audiences makes it a pivotal marketing channel for businesses, particularly during the holiday season. As such, the playbook offers insights into how best to leverage the platform in holiday campaign planning.

Regardless of your business's current use of TikTok, the playbook provides valuable insights and prompts reflection on broader holiday planning strategies, potentially sparking new ideas and approaches.

You can download TikTok’s ‘Holidays For You;’ playbook here.