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TikTok Strikes New Music Licensing Deal with Warner Music

TikTok has secured a licensing agreement with Warner Music. The deal expands access to Warner’s music library and opens up new promotional opportunities for artists.

TikTok and Warner Music Announce Licensing Agreement

TikTok has recently announced a new partnership with Warner Music that allows the social media giant to license Warner’s comprehensive music library. This library will be used on TikTok, TikTok Music, CapCut, and TikTok’s Commercial Music Library.

Following lengthy negotiations over music usage value, this agreement signifies a breakthrough for TikTok. The three major music labels - Warner, Universal, and Sony - have been advocating for a larger share of TikTok's ad revenue and increased royalties. This stalemate has now been overcome with Warner Music.

The partnership also brings new promotional opportunities for Warner artists. Artists and songwriters will have access to new ways of collaborating with TikTok’s brand partners, as well as access to fandom development and monetization features. Additionally, both parties will jointly develop additional and alternative economic models.

TikTok has emerged as a major platform for music promotion, with several labels aligning their artists’ tracks with TikTok trends. Now, with this deal, Warner will have an enhanced capacity to leverage these trends. Moreover, it will secure the future usage of Warner music for users and brands alike.

This new agreement between TikTok and Warner Music could be a harbinger for similar deals with other major labels. TikTok plans to announce further developments resulting from this arrangement in the coming months.