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TikTok's New Partnerships: Post-Purchase Surveys with KnoCommerce and Fairing

TikTok announces partnerships with post-purchase survey providers KnoCommerce and Fairing, offering brands insights into customer acquisition and journeys.

TikTok Teams Up with KnoCommerce & Fairing for Data Insight

TikTok is enhancing its offerings to ad partners with a view to offer deeper insights into customer acquisition. This is being achieved through its new collaborations with post-purchase survey providers KnoCommerce and Fairing. These partnerships will afford brands an enriched understanding of customer journeys.

The new initiative will allow brands to seek direct feedback from TikTok users, using in-app surveys that will request input from past customers about their promotional activities and customer experience.

TikTok noted that conventional attribution models often fall short in capturing the complete consumer journey, usually concentrating on the last touchpoint prior to a purchase. With this in mind, TikTok’s collaborations with KnoCommerce and Fairing aim to equip marketers with an additional layer of data to bolster their online advertising strategy.

Both KnoCommerce and Fairing have refined methods and systems to enhance consumer response, offering the potential for deeper insights from TikTok campaigns. Moreover, the data from these surveys can be integrated into most CRM systems, making it easy for businesses to incorporate these insights into their existing data collection and analysis processes.

TikTok explained that survey insights can augment UTM data and improve multi-touch attribution and media mix models, thereby giving a clearer picture of customer journeys. Brands can then make data-informed decisions about ad spend and marketing strategy.

In addition to this, TikTok is looking to stimulate further interest in these offerings. Brands that sign up for the post-purchase survey program by year-end can benefit from a limited-time offer of ad credits.

In a rapidly changing data insight landscape, with varying data collection laws, the importance of gathering detailed information on consumer response is escalating. By leveraging the expertise of KnoCommerce and Fairing, brands could gain more actionable, valuable insights from their marketing efforts.