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Tinder Tests AI to Enhance Photo Selection for User Profiles

Tinder is trialing an AI feature to choose user profile photos, aiming to create profiles that genuinely represent the users. This is part of a broader push by parent company Match Group to integrate AI into dating.

AI-Powered Profile Creation: Tinder's New Feature

Tinder, the popular dating app, is currently trialing an AI-driven feature designed to help users construct their dating profiles. The feature examines a user's photo album and selects the five most representative images for their profile. The parent company, Match Group, announced this new development during its recent earnings call.

Match Group CEO Bernard Kim shared how AI has motivated their product teams across the company to devise new experiences and address key dating challenges. He used Tinder as an example, illustrating how users are often overwhelmed when choosing profile pictures from a multitude of personal images. He emphasized that the new AI-powered photo selection feature aims to eliminate this struggle and help construct profiles that accurately represent users.

Beyond the photo selection tool, Match Group is testing various other AI features that it plans to launch soon. Tinder is set to receive a capability that uses AI to present the most relevant content to the right users.

Tinder CPO Mark van Ryswyk hinted at other potential uses for generative AI in dating apps at the Reuters Momentum event. These include using AI to assist in writing bios. He mentioned that a third of Tinder's users indicated they would use generative AI to help build their profile, according to a recent study.

However, the company is cautious about how AI is applied in dating. Kim emphasized the importance of authenticity, ethical considerations, and privacy during the earnings call. AI tools could be misused by catfishers intending to deceive and harass others online.

To counter this, Tinder recently launched an AI-verified feature requiring a video selfie from users to help identify and prevent bots and catfishing.

Artificial intelligence has been increasingly integrated into online dating in recent months. From AI dating apps like Teaser AI that let users chat with an AI version of a potential match, to relationship app Flamme's AI-powered dating advice tool. Some apps, like AI dating sim Blush, even allow users to flirt with an avatar.

Tinder plans to refresh the user experience and roll out additional features such as prompts, quizzes, and conversation starters.