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Tuned Global and Sona Partner to Pave the Way for Web3 Music Streaming

Witness the game-changing collaboration between Tuned Global & Sona, pioneering Web3 integration for fairer music streaming.

Revolutionizing Music Streaming: Tuned Global & Sona's Game-Changing Collaboration

Embark on a journey where music streaming transcends boundaries! A game-changing alliance has emerged, fusing the prowess of Tuned Global, a B2B music streaming technology titan, with Sona, the trailblazing Los Angeles-based Web3 streaming protocol. Prepare to witness a revolution in the music industry!

Spearheaded by Jennifer Lee, the mastermind behind TOKiMONSTA, Sona unveiled its groundbreaking platform in open beta mode. Departing from the norm, Sona offers an ad-free streaming universe powered by decentralized finance, revolutionizing how artists share content, manage rewards, and engage with their fan base.

What sets Sona apart is its disruptive model, granting music aficionados the freedom to stream tunes for free or delve deeper by owning "SONAs" or "digital twins" of their cherished tracks. These digital replicas not only resonate with the soul but also empower fans to share in the platform's streaming rewards.

Tuned Global steps into this harmonious partnership, contributing its cutting-edge content delivery tools and reporting services. Imagine curating playlists and launching radio stations based on your beloved artists, maximizing the discovery of new musical gems!

Con Raso, Tuned Global's Managing Director, reaffirms their dedication to innovative models that resonate with customers' desires, especially those supporting artists beyond conventional royalty payouts.

Sona's Co-Founder and CEO, Laura Jaramillo, echoes the platform's mission: to tilt the streaming economics in favor of artists, fostering a fair and rewarding ecosystem for creators and fans alike. The fusion of blockchain and traditional streaming on Sona's platform marks a monumental stride, leveraging Tuned Global's technical prowess.

As the music streaming landscape evolves, this collaboration heralds the emergence of Web3-integrated services, aiming for a fairer and more rewarding industry. Independent artists gain visibility and fair compensation in this reimagined ecosystem.

The partnership arrives amidst a music streaming industry exploring fan investment trends, allowing enthusiasts to invest in their favorite artists and share their successes. Tuned Global and Sona's alliance is a beacon of change, reshaping music creation, collection, and consumption, fostering an artist-friendly environment.

In summary, the synergy between Tuned Global and Sona pioneers a paradigm shift in music streaming, blending technology, decentralized finance, and blockchain integration to craft an equitable and rewarding experience for artists and music lovers alike. Brace yourself for a musical revolution!