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Twilio Segment Collaborates with Amazon SageMaker to Launch New Customer Prediction Tool.

Revolutionize your marketing strategy with Twilio Segment's CustomerAI Predictions, powered by Amazon SageMaker. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven customer targeting!

Twilio Segment and Amazon SageMaker logos, symbolizing the partnership for CustomerAI Predictions.

In the age where data is king, companies are doing more than just collecting customer information—they're leveraging it for actionable insights. That's why the announcement of Twilio Segment's new tool, CustomerAI Predictions, at the Signal customer and developers conference is a game-changer for marketers.

CustomerAI Predictions goes beyond mere data collection. "We can help marketers not just execute their own hypotheses, but actually predict who are the most valuable types of customers to target with different types of campaigns," said Alex Millet, senior director of product at Twilio Segment. So, instead of shooting in the dark, you can focus your efforts on a customer group that’s actually likely to buy your product.

But how does it work? It’s all in the power of machine learning. The tool was developed in collaboration with Amazon SageMaker, leveraging their robust ML infrastructure. Twilio's communications data is then used in conjunction with Segment's vast array of customer information, such as clickstream data, to create predictive models that marketers can deploy in real-time.

The exciting news doesn’t stop there. Twilio Segment also hinted at an upcoming AI-based email tool that could potentially work hand-in-hand with CustomerAI Predictions. Imagine being able to predict customer behavior and then automating a custom email campaign based on those predictions. That's marketing nirvana right there!

For those unfamiliar, Twilio acquired Segment in October 2020 for a whopping $3.2 billion, further expanding its footprint in the marketing world. The company also introduced Flex, a programmable contact center product in 2018, and acquired SendGrid, an email API platform, in the same year for $2 billion.

With CustomerAI Predictions generally available starting today, it's time for marketers to step into the future and embrace data-driven strategies that actually work. Are you ready?