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Twitch Introduces Stories Feature for Enhanced Streamer-Audience Connection

Twitch launches a 48-hour Stories feature, allowing streamers to engage with their audience beyond live streaming sessions.


In anticipation of TwitchCon Las Vegas, Twitch unveiled a new feature, Stories, designed to foster a deeper connection between streamers and their followers beyond live sessions.

Eligible Partners and Affiliates can post stories, accessible to followers and subscribers via the Twitch mobile app. Unique to Twitch, stories remain active for 48 hours, as opposed to the 24-hour standard seen on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Those with a minimum of 30 subscribers have the privilege of crafting exclusive subscriber-only stories.

Twitch's senior product manager, Eduardo Fenili, emphasized the value of this feature in his blog post, stating, "Streamers often juggle multiple platforms to maintain connection with their followers. Stories aim to centralize and enhance this connection right on Twitch." The feature simplifies communication, making announcements or schedule updates a breeze. Moreover, it introduces push notifications for followers, ensuring they never miss a story update from their beloved streamers.

But it's not all text and photos. Streamers can share clips from their streams or even from other channels. Viewer engagement is taken a notch higher, allowing them to react using Twitch emotes. Metrics like views and reactions can be tracked by streamers, gauging the content type that resonates most.

Fenili encourages creativity and spontaneity, stating, "Whether it's a glimpse of your breakfast or a quirky debate about cereals, engage your viewers. Let them react, comment, and gear up for the next live stream."

For safety, Twitch has employed "automated scanning measures", ensuring content adheres to Twitch's Community Guidelines. Viewers also play a pivotal role, having the ability to report any content that seems amiss.

Looking forward, Twitch plans to amplify its Stories feature by introducing polls, tagging capabilities, and editing tools. This is in line with its commitment to innovation, as seen with the announcements at TwitchCon Paris and recent rollouts like the discovery feed and anti-harassment tools.