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Twitch's Game-Changer: Streamers Can Now Block Unwanted Viewers!

Twitch elevates its moderation tools, allowing streamers to block banned users from viewing live streams. Say goodbye to unwanted spectators!


Wave goodbye to pesky banned users on your Twitch streams! The streaming giant is stepping up its game, offering broadcasters a beefed-up weapon against unwanted spectators.

Gone are the days when Twitch’s chat ban tools were the pinnacle of moderation. Revealed in the latest "Patch Notes", Twitch's monthly update spectacle, streamers will soon wield the power to stop banned users from not just chatting, but from watching their streams altogether. Once this feature is up and running, any streamer or moderator who activates it will ensure that these banned users are given a straight red card out of both the chat and the livestream in real time.

Here's the kicker: this isn't just a stand-alone tool. When this innovative anti-harassment feature graces the platform, it will seamlessly integrate into Twitch's blocking arsenal. So, if you've blocked someone, they'll automatically be barred from tuning into your live stream.

Streamers, though, will need to flip this switch on. By default, this tool will be snoozing. But diving into the moderation settings will let you activate it pronto. Trevor Fisher, the Senior Product Manager at Twitch, shone light on this long-anticipated safety upgrade, hinting that this could just be the tip of the iceberg. "Channel bans have always warranted more. We've been listening," Fisher commented.

There's a tiny footnote, though. The feature isn't foolproof. It only restricts logged-in banned or blocked users from being a part of the stream. Twitch isn't diving into IP blocking, at least for now. Plus, once you log out, there's no real way to trace your viewing. And if you're wondering about VODs, highlights, and clips, the feature is still catching up. Twitch has that on their roadmap, so it's just a matter of time.

Summing it up, Fisher adds, "Incremental progress is the name of the game." As Twitch navigates this new frontier, it's clear the platform is striving to offer its community a safer and more controlled streaming experience. Happy streaming!