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Twitter Blue Subscribers Get Video Download Feature on X

Twitter Blue subscribers can now download videos posted on X. This new feature brings X in line with other social networks like TikTok and Instagram.

X Enables Video Downloads for Twitter Blue Subscribers

In a new update, subscribers of Twitter Blue can now download videos that are posted on X, albeit with some restrictions. If your Twitter Blue-subscribing account is set to private, only subscribers you've allowed to follow you can view and download your videos. Opting out of making your videos downloadable is possible on a per-tweet basis, as there is no persistent setting indicated on the page for this option.

Apart from these stipulations, there seem to be no other limitations on video downloads. This could potentially pose legal problems for X, considering that the platform allows Twitter Blue subscribers to upload videos up to two hours in length. The company has already faced issues related to this, such as when users were able to watch the entirety of this year's Super Mario Bros. Movie on the platform.

X appears to be setting itself up for legal challenges unless it can effectively moderate copyrighted materials. The situation underscores the need for robust moderation capabilities to properly manage the sharing and downloading of copyrighted videos.

Elon Musk, the platform's owner, has been striving to make X more attractive to creators. He has implemented changes like ad revenue sharing to this end. The addition of video downloads brings X more in line with other short-form social networks like TikTok and Instagram, both of which allow users to download videos.