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Twitter Changes Affect Google's Ability to Display Tweets in Search Results

Recent modifications at Twitter have reportedly limited Google's capability to present tweets and pages from Twitter in its search results.


Google is reportedly experiencing difficulties in displaying tweets and pages from Twitter in its search results due to recent changes at Twitter, a Google spokesperson revealed to The Verge. "Websites have control over whether crawlers can access their content," spokesperson Lara Levin stated.

Twitter has recently implemented significant changes to the visibility of its tweets. It started blocking unregistered users from viewing tweets on Friday, and on Saturday, it imposed "temporary" restrictions on the number of tweets users can read in a day. These modifications appear to have affected Google's ability to crawl Twitter.

A comparison of indexed Twitter URLs in Google search between Friday and Monday showed a significant decrease from 471 million to 180 million. This suggests that Twitter's recent changes have had a significant impact on Google's ability to index its content.

Twitter's recent alterations have not only impacted Google search results but also affected TweetDeck, which stopped functioning for many due to the removal of legacy APIs. Twitter promptly launched the "new" TweetDeck and plans to shift all users to it. However, the app will only be available as a feature of Twitter Blue after 30 days.