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Twitter Cracks Down on Substack Links: Is it Trying to Push Its Own Newsletter Feature

Twitter Cracks Down on Substack Links

Twitter is tightening its grip on the social media world as it restricts users from liking and retweeting posts that link to Substack. This move has caused quite a stir among Substack users who rely on Twitter to promote their newsletters.

According to reports, when a user tries to share a link to a Substack newsletter on Twitter, a warning message pops up, suggesting that the link may be unsafe. Furthermore, Twitter is also restricting users from liking or retweeting posts that contain links to Substack newsletters.

This latest move by Twitter has left many in the publishing world wondering about its motives, as Substack has become a popular platform for writers and journalists to monetize their content through subscription-based newsletters. Twitter's decision to restrict Substack links could be seen as a move to limit the platform's growth and popularity.

This development is significant as it follows Twitter's earlier move to block Substack's ability to embed tweets on its platform, depriving Substack users of an essential tool for promoting their newsletters.

The situation has caused some speculation that Twitter may be trying to push its own newsletter feature called "Revue," which allows writers and publishers to create and send newsletters to their subscribers directly through Twitter. However, Twitter has not yet made an official statement on the matter.

The restrictions on Substack links have left many Substack users frustrated as they are now unable to use Twitter to promote their newsletters effectively. The move could also lead to more restrictions on third-party platforms that rely on Twitter's APIs to function.

Overall, Twitter's latest move has raised questions about the future of Substack as a viable platform for content creators. It remains to be seen whether Twitter's efforts to restrict Substack's growth will pay off in the long run.