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Twitter Enhances User Experience with New Search Bar for Lists

Twitter's new feature offers a search bar in the Lists tab on its desktop site, making the discovery of new lists to follow a lot easier for users.

Twitter Enhances User Experience with New Search Bar for Lists.

Twitter has introduced an innovative feature that makes it significantly easier for you to find and follow new lists. A new search bar can now be accessed from the Lists tab on Twitter’s desktop site, which brings you to a wide variety of lists based on your searched term.

The earlier version of Twitter only allowed users to create their own lists or follow the lists that others had in their profiles. Moreover, though Twitter provided recommendations, users didn't have much control over the kind of lists shown. This latest update offers more autonomy and customized exploration.

The newly added search bar is situated at the top of the Lists tab on Twitter's desktop site. When you input a term, you can browse through a host of related lists. For instance, you can look up categories such as "tech news" or "Nintendo," and every search result will display the number of members and followers of the list.

However, as of now, this feature hasn't been rolled out for Twitter’s mobile app, and there's no specific timeline provided for when it could be made available. Yet, this new functionality on the desktop platform is expected to enhance user engagement and discovery of content on Twitter.