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Twitter Extends Tweet Editing Time to One Hour for Blue Subscribers

Twitter has increased the tweet editing window from 30 minutes to one hour for its Blue subscribers, providing more time to correct, reconsider, or respond to feedback.

Twitter has quietly increased the editing window for tweets from 30 minutes to one hour for Twitter Blue subscribers. The feature, which was initially introduced in October last year, was limited to half an hour. The extension allows users to correct errors, reconsider their message, or respond to feedback.

The update, however, is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers, who currently constitute less than 0.3% of Twitter's total user base. Not all subscribers have access to this feature, which is being gradually rolled out.

Twitter Blue One Hour Edit Feature

For example, while the character limit per tweet was expanded to 10k in April for Twitter Blue subscribers, not all users have received this upgrade. The inconsistencies in feature availability are reflective of Twitter's rapidly evolving system updates, which sometimes lead to bugs.

The question remains whether the increased tweet editing time will boost Twitter Blue subscriptions. While it might seem minor compared to other offerings, the extended time could entice more users to subscribe to the $8/month plan.

As of now, Twitter Blue appears to cater mostly to a niche audience. Despite removing legacy blue ticks, the platform hasn't seen a significant increase in Blue subscriptions. Perhaps Twitter will need to reconsider its approach to tackle issues like bot swarms and revenue generation.